Life can become pretty overwhelming at times.

Too much stuff, not enough money, too much stress, not enough time with your loved ones and did I say too much stuff?

Way, way too much stuff in our lives and in our brains just cluttering up our heads so we can’t even breathe properly at times, let alone think.

Do you want to lead a simpler less cluttered life where you can appreciate and absorb everything and everyone around you, rather than watch it shoot past in a blur?

Do you want to stop being a wage slave or at the very least, be less dependent as you once were on your employed income?

Do you want to remove anxiety and endless thoughts of negativity from your life

If so, you are in the right place. Welcome to calm simplicity. My name is Mark and I am here to help.


Digital Detox Comes of Age

This week, the Guardian newspaper and other national media outlets in the UK stated that (shock and horror are optional here) millions of British people have tried a digital detox. Newsflash. This isn’t news. I have written about my own battles with negative...

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Executives are human too

Disclaimer: Profanity in this article. It is probably fair to say that most executives are not high on the list of people that you would feel sorry for. In fact, if you are a banking executive then you are right up there with the anti-Christ. And yet most executives...

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Always Maintain Your Dignity

I made the mistake of reading one of the online newspapers today, the Mail Online, which is depressing enough (I only wanted to read the sports news) but I got sidetracked into reading the headlines on the right hand side of their site. I have mentioned this site...

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Have you got an ‘out’?

I have. My out is walking my dog. That’s it. Some days I walk him for miles and other days it is just around the block where I live but whichever route I take, I focus my time on him. My attention is on him…Letting him wander, sniff and do his biz...

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Be the best you can

Recently, I walked up a mountain region in North Wales, UK called Snowdonia. The mountain itself is called Snowdon and it is the highest mountain in Wales at 3,560ft. The distance was only 8 miles but it is a strenuous, uphill hike for large parts of it and it took me...

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