Life can become pretty overwhelming at times.

Too much stuff, not enough money, too much stress, not enough time with your loved ones and did I mention too much stuff?

Way, way too much stuff in our lives and in our brains just cluttering up our heads so we can’t even breathe properly at times, let alone think.

I got tired of it. Really, really tired and the only way was for me to make major lifestyle changes. So I asked myself;

Do I want to lead a simpler less cluttered life where I can appreciate and absorb everything and everyone around me, rather than watch it shoot past in a blur?

Do I want to stop being a wage slave or at the very least, be less dependent as I once was on my employed income?

Do I want to remove anxiety and endless thoughts of negativity from my life

Of course the answer was a resounding yes to all three questions and it got me thinking. Surely I can’t be the only one who feels this way?

As I continue my journey into ‘lessism’, I realise that there are thousands of people just like me, all wanting to get off the hamster wheel and enjoy life – not suffer it.

If this is you then welcome to my world. Welcome to Calm Simplicity.



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