Calm Simplicity0420

Coming soon.

A curated page or pages of simple stuff that I believe will help to improve the quality of life of an individual.

Wherever possible, there will be no electronic items featured because apart from typing away on this MacBook, I am trying desperately to reduce my screen time and digital connectivity, so I feel offering products like that makes me a bit of a hypocrite.

The only other rules of the marketplace are:

  • No single use plastic items
  • No throwaway items (which may mean buying something more expensive but will last a lot longer than a cheaply produced item)
  • No products tested on animals
  • No clothing unless ethically and sustainably produced
  • The same goes for furniture

And that’s it.

I’m sure things will evolve and change over time but this is a pretty good starting point.

If your product or service fits the bill, then get in touch with me at